T-Juice arome

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T-Juice arome
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  • 10ml

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39,19 kn


T-Juice arome


T-Juice - arome

Pakiranje : 10ml


Preporučeni udio u mixu : 15%


Afro Dizziac :

You will either love or hate this juice!
A beautiful blend of peppermint, aniseed, fenugreek and rare herbs, makes this vape very special.

Black n Blue :

A devilish mix of blueberries and grapes, is hosted by, a full on aniseed candy kick, underlined by a refreshing menthol exhale. Likely to give Red Astaire a run for its money.

Bubble Gun :

A lush pink bubblegum vape. Could this be your new all day vape? Or something for special occasions? Regardless, Bubble Gun will always hit the mark!

Cherry Choc :

The verbose taste of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries, along with fruits of the forest, makes this juice just irresistible and undeniably morish!

Clara-T :

Clara T is the newest addition to the T-Juice range and there is no doubt that Red Astaire has met his match. Clara-T has a more subtle aniseed lick, and a tad more freshness, which will excite your taste buds and make your atty buzz.

Colonel Custard :

Stand to attention! The colonel has arrived. In fact this beauty should be called the king of custards. This lush, creamy, custardy vape is so full of flavour, it will be hard to ever fill your tank with anything else.

Cubana :

Handpicked Havana Prime leaves are processed and steeped to bring out the maximum flavour and feeling. There are subtle high notes of coco, which round the whole flavour.

Cubanito :

A light cigar taste with hints of havana prime, latakia and burley make this vape very reminisicent of well known slim cigars.

Eastern Blend :

Based on a traditional Turkish tobacco cigarette taste, which is highly aromatic, but softer in flavour than our other tobacco flavours.


Forest Affair :

A marriage of over ten different flavours which come together to make a very complex fruit vape.

The basic ingredients include; vanilla, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, Sloe and a sprinkling of spice.

Gold n Brown :

Baked sweet Virginia tobacco leaves are blended with a special mix of our own dark woody tobacco and latakia, to create a very special tobacco vape experience.


Green Steam :

An up front forest fruit vape with high notes of blackberry and blueberry which create a lovely rounded taste that lingers in your mouth.


Hermano Rubio :

A bold mix of roasted tobacco leaves extracted from Burley and dark fired tobacco. This vape is exceptional, delivering a strong and fulfilling experience with every draw.

High Voltage :

A super blend of menthol and maraschino cherries, make this a truly original vape. The full and ever present menthol hits you at the back of the throat, followed by a juicy cherry burst.

Ice Queen :

Ice Queen has been perfected for menthol cigarette lovers. Using parts of the Primo Verde base, we have added a sprinkling of menthol crystals and peppermint. The menthol is subtle, but present.

Jack the Ripple :

Based on a classic British raspberry ripple ice cream. This juice produces immense vapour and gives a really solid throat hit. Jack has become a legend in Europe's vaping community.

Jacques Le Mon :

Lemongrass and lime, aniseed, mojito and menthol are blended together to make an alluring vape. A must for all citrus lovers.

Java Juice :

Dark Kopi Jawa coffee bean flavouring is blended with coconuts and notes of cream to create a fantastic full Java flavour. Not a pure coffee blend, but something very special.

Jon Freeze :

Jon Freeze is a potent and complicated menthol vape.

A cooling and revitalising blast of spearmint and peppermint, combined with a pure menthol hit, which is great to vape all day, and night.

Melipona :

This alluring flavour is made from Tahitian Vanilla flavouring and a hint of the rich Madagascar bourbon, to add a bit of sweetness to the mix.

Mentice :

This powerful artic mix will refresh every particle of your being. Silky, cool and smooth, the Mentice vape delivers an amazing frosty kick to the back of your throat with fresh mint overtones.

Mintastic :

Invigorating, yet soothing, this wonderful combination of peppermint, menthol and spearmint makes an excellent vape for any mint lovers.

Minty the Toff :

This vape is a meld of classic English caramel and toffee, interwoven with a taste of mint which has been extracted straight from the leaf.

Pomme Pom :

Pomme Pom is a creamy and flamboant mix of granny smith and golden delicious, giving depth of flavour and succulence with every draw.

Primo Verde :

A complex, deep and rich tobacco flavour, with strong notes of Burley and more subtle notes of bright Virginia. This is closest to a real cigarette tobacco taste you will have experienced using an electronic cigarette.

Made with our own tobacco absolute

Strawberri :

Strawberries with a hint of cream and a subtle high note of raspberries make this a great fruit vape. An all day vape for many fruit lovers across Europe.

Tangerine Dream :

One of our new Super Blends made from a mix of wild red berries, tangerines and mandarins. This enchanting vape delivers a more subtle citrus flavour with a crisp zesty edge.

TY 4 :

T-juice’s take on the vape classic RY4, with a bit more nuttiness and a sprinkling of Demerara sugar, just to give it a little extra magic.


UK Smokes :

Faint notes of Burley and Latakia tobacco leaves, with a smokiness which is reassuringly familiar. This is a subtle and smooth tobacco taste which makes UK Smokes a great all day vape.


USA Reds :

A tobacco blend of virginia and burley tobacco, with a very slightly nutty caramel background flavour and a drop of coconut juice, make this an incredibly smooth and satisfying vape.

USA Silver :

Based on a classic US blend of cigarettes.

This vape also delivers top notes of sweetness, to make every draw as pleasurable as the last. This American stalwart is a perfect vape for both seasoned vapers or NewVees.

Vamp Vape :

Looks like blood, tastes like heaven. This is an exquisite blend of creamy caramel extract with hints of coconut, making this juice a devilishly good vape.

Virgin Leaf :

A smooth blended tobacco taste, mainly derived from bright leaf tobacco, commonly known as Virginia.

Enjoy this cool tobacco vape with hints of coconut which round the flavour.

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Dodatne informacije

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